T he workout struggle is real. For me. And maybe for you. I want to work out. I really do. And I know all the benefits of working out. More energy, healthier heart, serotonin boost which improves mood, stronger muscles, reduction in chronic diseases, weight loss, etc. I know all these things, which is why I want to work out. But I am really struggling. To be completely transparent, I have always struggled with consistent workouts. More often than not, I would yo-yo between working out with zealousness for a few weeks, maybe even months, but then a break of some sort, be it a vacation, or work-travel, or an illness would put me back at square one and it was an uphill battle to get me back on my workout routine. And if I’m completely honest with you, there are very few workouts that I truly love to do – although there are a few that I really find excitement in, such as Red Effect (similar concept to Orange Theory) and light running. I enjoy the way I feel after a workout, but getting the energy to get myself out of the house and to the gym feels like a mental workout in and of itself.   

Fast forward to A.C. (after child) the struggle to find consistency in working out is exponentially harder. Working out always seems to be a last priority. Whether for truly legit family and health reasons, or bullshit reasons and barriers that I have in my head. In fact, it took me three years A.C. before I had the semblance of a workout. Given the choice of sleep over working out and sleep won. Every. Single. Time. At year three though, I found a little grove. For one full year, I did an o.k. Job of working out regularly. I trained with a personal trainer twice a week and tried to squeeze another one or two workouts at home. It culminated to a 15k run that I did with my best friend, and no-lie, I felt more accomplished and physically strong than I had in quite some time. This was in December 2017. It is now October 2018… and I have yet to get a good rhythm. The first part of 2018 my husband traveled quite a bit, so getting to the gym was difficult, and unfortunately home videos aren’t enough to keep me motivated. Then came a couple vacations, illnesses, summer, etc. The other day I realized that it was October, and I had yet to go more than 4 weeks with regularity.

And I feel bad. I feel bad about myself. Unhappy with the turn that my body has taken. Disappointed that I haven’t demonstrated by example to my daughter. Sad that I don’t have the same muscle strength I had proudly built up last year. Embarrassed that I made so many excuses and let time lapse. Envious of other mothers who have enough will power to prioritize health. I feel all around bummed.

I want to make a change. I have to make a change. If not for myself, then for my daughter. I want her to see one facet of her mother as a strong active woman. I want her to understand the correlation between health and physical activity. I want her to know that even though I struggle, and probably always will… I am going to continue trying.

So this fall, I embark again on my workout journey. Starting small with little goals and working towards consistently larger ones. If you follow me on IG (@easy.peasy.mommy) and see a bombardment of workout posts and photos, it’s not because I am bragging. It is literally because I need to keep myself accountable. Maybe accountability in the social sphere will help… maybe not. I know that I am willing to try anything to help kick-start my ass and keep me consistent.

My small goal is 90 days. October through December. 90 days of working out regular. Now that doesn’t mean working out 90 days in a row. For me, this means chunking workouts into weeks and trying to work out 4-5 times a week for 90 days straight. This is my goal. It doesn’t have to be yours.

As my workout journey starts, I am doing to try and keep a few things in mind. If you are anything like me, maybe these things will help you  as you figure out your workout routine and what works for your life.

I will be kind to myself

I will work on being less critical and more understanding. I will give myself the same understanding, forgiveness, and compassion that I give to my friends and family.

I will keep a flexible framework

Life isn’t a routine, things pop up. I will allow myself to be flexible Needs of my family, work, and others may force me to delay a workout. I need to be flexible to the needs to the needs of the week, while holding true to my 4-5 days a week goal.

I will listen to my body

Body aches, sicknesses, fatigue are real things. I will listen to my body appropriately and power through when needed, but I will also give myself a break if that is what my body is telling me.

I will not let one “bad” day overcome my success

Setbacks are a part of life. If one day or one week’s goals are not met, I will treat them as such. ONE day. ONE week. The setback doesn’t need to continue.

I will understand that all good things take time

It took me 9 months to lose healthy muscle and gain weight. It will take me longer than one month to see substantial and consistent results. That’s ok. Rome was not built in a day, neither will my hot-mom body be.

I will focus on my personal health and my own journey

Comparing myself to others is easy to do, but can also be detrimental. I will use others as motivators and inspiration, but will know that this is my personal road.

I will not give up

There are days that will feel tough. Moments that I will want to give up entirely. For my health, for my daughter. I will continue to the best of my honest ability.


I invite you to join me! Maybe you need more time? Maybe you are ready to pull the trigger. Maybe you think this blog is complete bullshit. Honestly, no judgement. BUT if this blog inspires you, let me know. If you want accountability and challenge, let’s do it together. Keep me accountable. Ask me about my week, and I will do the same for you.

Cheers to healthier years!


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