I Heart My Robotic Vacuum

By: Easy Peasy Mommy


The robotic vacuum has been around for years but by the time I caught wind of it in 2013, the ever popular iRobot Roomba had already evolved several generations and new competitors were breaking into the marketplace. After hours of research, I picked the iRobot Roomba 890. It was one of the first purchases for our newly built home and may I be bold enough to say one of the most important home cleaning purchases I have ever made… and I’ve never looked back. Two Roombas and one Neato later, I am hooked. I have often “joked” that our robotic vacuum saves our marriage one clean at a time. Jokes aside though, it really has been an essential, time-saving part of our home. Not sure if you are ready to take the expensive plunge, let me try to convince you.

Caveat: the model that I will be referring to in most of this article is the Neato Botvac Wi-Fi Connected


Imagine waking up every morning to clean floors that you didn’t have to lift a finger to. Nope, this is not an illusion, your floors will actually be debris free. No more pizza crumbs or sandbox sand or pet hair tumbleweeds. Just clean floors. Every. Single. Day. Try saying that ten times in a row without orgasming.


Most newer robotic vacuums offer a scheduling feature that will allow you to time when the vacuum should run. So you can run it in the evening or if you are worried about the noise, have it scheduled to run while you are out of the house.


There is the (rare) occasion when I don’t want to vacuum the whole house but need to clean up a small area of dinner crumbs on the floor or the random dry spill. Most vacuums have a spot cleaning feature that will vacuum around a small radius.


My Neato and my former Roomba both did an amazing job transitioning from carpet to rug to wood floors with no issue. This meant I could just turn it on for one floor and just let it run, which was awesome. The sensor placement and sensitivity on each model varies, so be sure to consider that as you compare brands and models numbers.


Different models and brands will have different techniques to block the vacuum from going to places that you don’t want it to or avoid entire areas of your home. For example, if your couch is too low for the vacuum to squeeze under, you might want that area blocked off so that it doesn’t get stuck. My previous Roomba used a tower that communicated with the vacuum sensors and acted as a “wall.” My current Neato uses a magnetic strip that acts as a “wall” for the vacuum.

  1. this does not replace your deep cleaning, but helps to maintain
  2. you have to clear the floors of small items or run the risk that it will get sucked up or stuck
  3. shag rugs or loose carpeting are not good flooring candidates (unless you block that area with the “walls”).
  4. do your research between the different models. Different brands and models will have different features. For example my Neato offers an app that lets you connect while you are away from home… and a digital map that lets you see the places it has cleaned in your home. Every brand will be different
  5. the dirt collecting bins need to be emptied. This is true for any brand. Same with the filter. The filters will need to be changed every now and again, but both are the same for a traditional vacuum.
  6. your robotic vacuum will need to be charged and depending on the size of the area you are trying to clean, it may need to be re-charged mid-clean. Some models will “remember” where they left off cleaning, which is a huge benefit.

Owning a robotic vacuum will change your life and the way that you clean. Although the price tag is a little steep, it is truly worth every penny. After one clean, the only question you will be asking is if they have a robot for laundry! I couldn’t imagine another product addition to your family that is more valuable.

As for us, our Neato, named Roger, fits in perfectly with our family. Always cleaning up messes and not always perfect.


  1. Carrie Rickman

    Hi Jennifer! Congratulations on your new blog! I just had to comment on this conversation, because my husband and I are also Roomba lovers! We have owned one for quite a few years and we both suggest it to anyone who asks. I do have one bit of advise to anyone that might be having problems with their older Roomba. After we had ours for a few years, it started quitting in the middle of a room or only cleaning one area. We ordered a replacement battery from Amazon for less than $20 and it’s like a new Roomba!! We got that a little over a year ago and it’s still going strong. So if you have problems with yours like we did, you might want to try that before spending the bigger money for a new one.

    • Easy Peasy Mommy: Jennifer

      Thank you so much Carrie! We don’t have our Roomba anymore since we have the Neat-O, but I have my eye on a new one that came out so I will definitely keep this in mind!


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