Friends who have Friends in Direct Sales

By: Easy Peasy Mommy

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock these past 5 years you’ve probably noticed that everywhere you turn a new direct sales company is popping up. Even more annoying is that almost every friend you have is selling something of some sort on FB, on IG, at girls night, in passing conversation. ALL. OVER. But chances are you are the type of friend who likes to be supportive so you probably belong to at least 3 or 4 VIP groups on Facebook, you’ve been to the parties, you may have even bought an obligatory product or two. However, next come the newsletters, follow-up texts, phone calls, etc. At some point enough is enough! If you see one more post about the buttery smooth leggings of Lularoe or  one more quote that says “boss babe” you might scream and hit the 

de-friend button. Sound like you? Read on! This used to be me too. As a woman who has dabbled in direct sales with various companies over the years and has been happily selling Color Street for almost one year, I can absolutely relate to both sides. So how can you be a good friend, be supportive of independent businesses while not feeling super irritated by every single post that you see?

Before I answer that question though, let me share a little first hand knowledge as navigate through this potentially dangerous territory with your friends and relatives. Candidly, I have to admit that I am probably guilty of all things that you’re annoyed by (except posts about being a boss babe). I have pestered my best friend endlessly about hosting an online party, I’ve shamelessly shlepped my products at girls night gatherings, and I am absolutely guilty of having a VIP pages where I proudly talk about tips and tricks ad nauseam. I have done all of these things and I will probably continue to do them if not a few more in the future. That being said, you have to understand that I am really excited about selling my product. Not only am I excited about the product itself, I am really excited about the opportunity it offers me. And since this is something I am so excited about I feel the need to share. To you, to the world, to anyone who will listen. Most the time I am sharing my excitement not because I want you to buy but because I am just really excited to tell you about how wonderful this product is. Sincerely. Most people who get into direct sales do so not because they want to make money, but start because they love the product so much, they feel it will sell themselves if they just share how fabulous it is. So if you have a friend like me, share in their excitement – but do not feel pressured to buy anything. At the same time though if your friends are really good sellers you should not feel as though they are trying to force their product on you every waking minute.

So then, answering the question above… How can you be a supportive friend without fear of getting the sales pitch every time you get together or every time you like a post?

1- ACTUALLY BE A GOOD FRIEND  – Ask how your friend’s business is going. Take an active interest in chatting it up. Maybe see if there are new products out that could work for you. 
2- JUST SAY NO  – Say no to parties that you really don’t care about. It is more than obvious when a host could care less about the product. Say no when you don’t want to buy. Just say no. Don’t feel pressured because then you could feel resentful.
3- DON’T BE AFRAID TO TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS  – Can’t handle all the “mom-preneur” posts? The beauty of social media accounts is that you can turn off notifications. Say you still want to be a part of the VIP group so that you can go at your own leisure, don’t unfollow, narrow your notification settings.
4- COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE  – Maybe you do feel like your friend is pressuring you. Maybe all she can ever talk about is her business. You have to tell her. If you don’t tell her, she will literally continue doing the same thing. If you don’t want to have a party… just say so! If she talks non-stop about herself… let her know!
5- BE KIND AND CUT A LITTLE SLACK  – Just like softball or kids are a part of your life that you like to share, know that this is part of your friend’s life. She wants to share too.
6- GO AHEAD AND TRY A SAMPLE  – I am not saying to buy the whole line-up… but if you haven’t tried it and there are samples available, can’t hurt!

Trying to figure out if your friend is genuinely excited or if they’re trying to push you to sell or buy can sometimes feel like splitting hairs. Make sure that you keep communication open and you can hopefully show that you are supportive of her- even if you are not going to buy one more washcloth.


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