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By: Easy Peasy Mommy


One of the best uses of digital technology is the ability to document life and share it. As a mom, I am always looking for ways to hold onto little moments and share them with my daughter. But I never seem to have enough time to write things down in a memory book, create a photo album (even digital) and I certainly don’t have time to scrapbook. Thankfully I found a solution to preserve our day-to-day moments. Even better, this solution also allows me to talk with my daughter and share my thoughts on all the big and small details of life. 


I decided to create a gmail account for my daughter. We use this email account to document milestones (first day of PreK, ballet recital, first steps, etc) as well as a back-up to all our photos that go along with these memories. I also use this email to memorialize the things she says  and  “Overheard in our House” moments. I share with her my thoughts about what is going on in the world and the impact it has on her, on me, on women. I share songs that remind me of her, lessons that I’ve learned in movies along, and tips and tricks to things she needs to know (like how long to boil an egg). I email her life lessons that I want to teach her and all the things I want to say to her before it’s too late. I also share the news and what is happening in culture to give her context to some of my lessons and emails. This email will be a lifetime of memories, stories, photos, lessons, and love just waiting for her.

My plan is to wait until an age- appropriate time to give her the password. For some kids it could be 18, for others it might be later in life (or earlier). I have a feeling that I will know when it is the right time.

If you decide to start an email, here are some things to take into account.

  • Create an email name that is easy to remember. “Hello.John” or “ThoughtsforJane”

  • Choose an email provider that you are comfortable with. For me, Gmail felt like the best email provider as I am fairly confident that Google can withstand the test of time. 

  • Determine when you will pass this on. I wouldn’t do it too early, you wouldn’t want to risk the chance that your teenage daughter gets mad at you and erases every email. At the same time, waiting too long might feel like the lessons are already taught. 

Using email as a tool is an easy solution to recapture the life we have built with her. All we have to do now is continue adding and then wait for the day we can share it together! 



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