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30 Minutes to Clean

by | Jul 12, 2018

It’s a relaxing afternoon, when suddenly you get a text message from your sister-in-law stating that she happens to be on your side of town and wants to stop by in the next hour, or perhaps your husband calls to say he invited co-workers over for a last minute dinner. Panic ensues. But fear not! If you have 30 minutes, than you have enough time to pick up… and get food delivery!

Starting with the right tools, and maximizing each step along the way is key to easy peasy cleaning and multi-tasking.  So gather all your cleaning tools, ready, set, and GO CLEAN!


Step 1: Clean common area clutter

If your house looks anything like mine, chances are it is littered with toys, and crafts, with your kitchen island as a dumping ground for all things non-food. Kick off your cleaning by grabbing three laundry baskets. One basket will be for upstairs/bedroom items, another basket for kid crap (toys, clothes, books, etc), and a third basket for common area items that need to be put away. Now is the time to enlist help (if you have it). Hand your kids their laundry basket of collected goodies to put away. If you don’t have help for this, then simply put aside in or near their bedrooms so they can help with this later. Same the the upstairs/bedroom items. Move in/near your bedroom and put away after guests leave. Set aside the third basket of common area items and if time allows, put away in their proper storage places after Step 7.


Step 2: Spruce up the bathroom

Starting from bottom and working your way up, clean up your bath. This might seem like the most dreaded job, but the more you speed clean, the faster you will get at making this a quick job. Starting with your toilet bowl, pour in the cleaner and let sit following the instructions on the bottle. While the solution is working hard, clean the sinks, and spray down the mirrors. Replace old towels with clean ones and make sure there is enough toilet paper. FInish up with a toilet scrub and seat wipe down and you are good to go! Don’t worry about floors, we’ll get that covered in Step 6!

Step 3: Tidy up the entryway

Wherever your guests are entering from, be it the back of the house through the mudroom or the front door, take a few minutes to shake out the rug, give mirrors a quick wipe down, or straighten up any decorations.

Step 4: Kitchen Time Clean Up

If you have dishes in the dishwasher, now is the time to unload. This will give you space to load up the dishwasher with any dishes or cookware that is sitting around on the counter or stove. Next using a multi-surface cleaner, be sure to wipe down the counters, stovetops, and front of fridge. Replace dirty towels with clean ones. Done.

Step 5: Tackle the Family Room

This should be the easiest room to clean. Fluff a few pillows, fold the blankets, locate the remote, and if time allows, lint roll the seating. Remember, you already picked up all the clutter. You still haven’t cleaned any flooring, but Step 6 will take care of that!

Step 6: Focus on the Flooring

Starting with the family room and working your way through the kitchen and the rest of the first floor, use a vacuum on the carpet, tile and hardwood to quickly pick up any small debris, pet hair, food crumbs, etc. The vacuum will save you time from having to switch between a broom, and/or a hardwood sweeper.

Easier Peasier SUPER SPEEDY Tip: If you have a robotic floor vacuum, such as a Roomba, move Step 6, up to Step 1, and bump all other activities up a notch.

Complete Step 6 with a quick spot clean. Have something sticky on the hardwood or a popsicle stain on the carpet? Put a little solution on it and it will look like you did a deep clean!


Step 7: Rapid Dusting

The final touch to your speed cleaning is a quick dust starting from dark objects to light and mid-level to high, and then low (that way if you run out of time, the dust won’t be as noticeable on lighter objects or in heights that the eye naturally doesn’t got to). For fast dusting, nix the spray, and use a duster that traps the dust (not whisks it around).

30 Minutes. DONE. This won’t replace the weekly cleaning or deep cleaning that you might be doing but this will definitely freshen up the place and most importantly trick guests into thinking that you keep a tidy home (or at least for me, a tidy-ish home). Pour some wine and enjoy the company!

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