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Some easy this, and peasy that. Not everything can be categorized, and for those thoughts, ramblings, musings, and tips, you’ve come to the right place. Interested in traveling on an airplane with kids? Here. Wondering the difference between toddler and non-toddler sized clothes? Here too! Not sure what else I’ve got for ya? Scroll on!

Friends Who Have Friends In Direct Sales

We all have “that” friend in direct sales or maybe [gasp] we are “that” friend. How can you support your friends without being overwhelmed and coerced into buying things you just don’t want or need?

DIGITAL QUICK TIP: Create an Email For your Child

Figuring out how to document all of the day-to-day moments and larger milestones can feel daunting. Learn why email is a great solution and different things you could share with your child for later

I Heart My Robotic Vacuum

There is no greater love than that of a busy woman and her…. robotic vacuum? Yes. This is true. Owning a robotic vacuum is a peaceful, clean, life-altering decision and one that you will never regret. Not sure if you want to take the plunge… let me convince try and convince you.

Speed Cleaning. 30 Minutes to Clean

We’ve all had last minute unexpected guests announce their surprise arrival within the next hour, much to your chagrin. Don’t panic! Pause, breathe deep, and then get to work because you know the best way to get things done efficiently and effectively. No more shoving everything into your junk-drawer (or that one forbidden bedroom). Just a few simple speed cleaning tips to kiss those cobwebs good-bye (or dog hair tumbleweeds in my case)!

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