My Obsession with Pull-On Jeans

By: Easy Peasy Mommy

Jeans pictured in these photos are Old Navy Rockstar Jeggings in Woodland Wash. Color variation in images is due to lighting/camera filter

Almost every woman I know has a pair of jeans coined their “skinny jeans” and not the skinny jeans that have grown into popularity this past decade, but those skinny jeans, you know, the ones that fit your waistline perfectly, made your butt look DAMN good, and gave you all the confidence to go out with friends or even date nights. I have a pair. Way in the of my closet. From my pre-child days, which I lovingly refer to as (P.C.).  And I dream of wearing them again. In the meantime though, finding the perfect jeans and the perfect silhouette feels like I have been searching for the Holy Grail. In full transparency, finding the perfect jeans was hard for me even P.C. I am five feet tall with a big butt, that which makes me a less than perfect candidate for petite sizes. For 33 years though, I managed to make-do defaulting to Express jeans, Levis, and the occasional Paige Premium Denim. A.C. (after child)  though, the struggle has been exponentially harder. Between the weight gain and the shifting of the body, finding the perfect jeans has been just as hard as finding the perfect bra (more to come on that later). In fact, there are times I have been in the dressing room and the mere thought of trying on one more pair of jeans had me screaming “F$@k this sh!t”

Until recently I found a little solace in my tried and true Express jeans until a friend recently introduced me to pull-up jeans. Yes. Pull-up jeans which are NOT maternity jeans, but jeans that (you guessed it) pull-up, have stretch, and most importantly… have a slimming panel built into the jeans itself. Perfect for those who are fashion conscious and also looking for all-day comfort. And miracle of all miracles, the pair I found is easy on the wallet.



Hello Old Navy Pull-On Jeggings and good-bye uncomfortable post-lunch jeans. Farewell roll between your jeans and your sweater. And don’t let the door hit you in your saggy a%!… you far too stretchy pair of jeggings.

I started with just one pair of these amazing jeans, the Rockstar Jegging (in Woodland Wash) and loved them SO much that I bought these jeggings in as many colors and styles as I possibly could (petite styles are a little more limited).



The wide band of these pull-on jeans helps to smooth out the ooze between my stomach and my jeans. The band is stretchy enough to fit comfortably after a large meal, but still provide that nice “hold-in” effect that I love. Because of this, I feel more comfortable wearing slightly tighter tops without fear that everything is hanging out… literally.


As I said before, finding petite sizes can be difficult but I love that these jeans offer shorter options (and tall options). Although petite isn’t available in every size… it’s available in enough styles that I don’t have to re-wear the same damn pair all week – which actually happened for two weeks in a row.


When I said that these jeans were easy on the wallet, I meant $34 (OR LESS). Depending on the sale that they are running, you could probably get them for less.


Since I now own every single style available to me, I will say that the color of the jean and the style can alter the fit. For example, in the Rockstar Jegging Woodland Wash, I am a size 6 Short, however I ordered the Built-In Never Fade Jegging in black… and it felt a like a slightly tighter squeeze and the Mid-Rise Distressed Rockstar Jegging in medium-worn was an absolute no-go (so I bought a size up). Thankfully Old Navy offers free shipping and returns, so I was able to exchange everything really easily.


These jeans have transformed my life. They will change yours. No lie. For the first time in a couple years I started buying and have been confidently wearing thin sweaters that lay smoothly over what was once my bumpy mid-section. My quest for finding the perfect jeans is officially over, all I can do now is pray that they will never be discontinued!


  1. Matt Martens

    Any suggestions for comfy, pull-on Definitely Old Enough To Be, But Not Yet a Dad jeans?

    • Easy Peasy Mommy: Jennifer

      maternity leggings. I won’t judge! I call them my Thanksgiving Pants!


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