Going Bare Down There

By: Easy Peasy Mommy

I started my adventures in brazilian waxing about 8 years ago after I had grown tired of trying to shave my bikini line, and even more tired of the in-grown hairs (which I apparently got a lot of ). However, it’s only been more recently (say the last 4 years) that I have been more regular with waxings. Before you decided to let ‘er rip (pun intended), here is everything that you wanted to know, and maybe even a few things you didn’t- all based on my personal experience.

First, there are different types and styles of waxes: sugaring vs. hard vs. traditional, etc (which I will talk about in a later blog) and there are a few different types of waxings that you can get depending on how your salon or esthetician categorizes them. Here are the general buckets, keeping in mind that there are variations galore within each.


This “standard” waxing removes all the hair  on the sides of the bikini line. Basically, everything that you might see if you were wearing a bikini. Some salons will also remove the front/top of the pubic hair, but won’t touch the inner labia (the insides of your vagina). This waxing is less painful (for some) since the labia will not be touched.


This waxing removes about 1” off the top of bikini line and goes about ½” – 1” in from the sides, still no waxing of your inner labia. Additionally some salons will consider this a mini-Brazilian, which means your butt crack will also be waxed- No joke. This waxing is still considered less painful by some.   


Also known as the “Hollywood.” This Brazilian wax is removes ALL of the hair from the top of the bikini line, inner and outer labia, and in your butt crack. You will be completely hairless and smooth. This will hurt. If you are a first-timer… this will hurt a lot.


The Brazilian with a shape is simply a Brazilian – removal of all hair – except the front will still have hair that is groomed and manicured into a shape below your top bikini line and above your clitoris. The shape will look like it is floating. Popular shapes are:

  • Landing strip – just a rectangular pack that is 1-2” in width (pictured to the right)
  • Triangle- a small upside triangle with the apex of the triangle pointed downward
  • The Heart- you guessed it… and heart shaped patch

Now that you know about the different types, understanding what is included and not included with your service is important. The experience isn’t the worst thing you’ll ever go through but you definitely won’t be jumping for joy. Prepare to be invaded. Like, really invaded. Depending on the service that you choose or the place that you go to, you may or may not be offered disposable thong undies – especially if you do the Brazilian.

Once you get into the room the esthetician will ask you to undress from the waist down and lay on a waxing table. Each esthetician will have their own technique. Some will ask you to participate by holding the skin taut when they apply the wax, others will do all the work for you. Same with leg positioning. Some estheticians will ask that you butterfly your legs with your feet touching and your legs bent. Others will ask that you hold up a leg. For services that require getting hairs in your butt crack, you could be asked to get down on all fours. Personal note: I once had a Brazilian that required me to get down on all fours and spread my own butt cheeks –  when I say to prepare to be invaded… I certainly mean it.

When you go to your service think of your esthetician like you would your OBGYN. They see hundreds of vaginas a week in different colors, sizes, odors, shapes, etc. They are there to do a professional service, not check you out. So as uncomfortable as it may feel… take a little bit of comfort in knowing that you are working with professionals who are not there to judge you, but looking to help you.


The most common question that I hear is “Is it painful.” Yes. Yes it painful. You are having someone spread hot wax on one of your most sensitive areas and then ripping the hair out of your body. Obviously, this is not joyous. That being said the level of pain varies for everyone and most estheticians will tell you that the pain decreases the more you regularly wax (I would agree with this too, but I am again, a sample size of one). The top of your pubic region and your inner labia will be the most painful. For those first-timers that are nervous, I would say to try the bikini wax first and then warm up to a Brazilian if that is your end goal. Don’t be afraid to customize your waxing either. If you don’t want ANY off the top of your pubic region, you can certainly tell the esthetician that. If you are a first timer though, be prepared that it WILL hurt.


There you have it. More about waxing than you ever cared to know (and probably more about me than you thought you would ever hear). Be prepared, be knowledgeable, and get ready to do some yoga-esque positions so that your waxer can reach everywhere!


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