My Favorite Makeup Brushes

By: Easy Peasy Mommy

Make no mistake, not all makeup brushes are created equal, nor to they all have the same purpose. Similar to makeup, brushes vary in  quality, material composition, density of the brush, type of brush, and application preference. Selecting the right brush can be as personal as figuring out a signature scent. Unfortunately makeup brushes are often an afterthought even though they are arguably one of the most important parts of your makeup kit. For some, it comes down to money. It can be hard to justify plopping down an additional $40 for a brush when your fingers, q-tips, or drug store brushes seem like they can do the same job.  There are distinct differences between some brushes. Determining if those differences are important to you will be key. I’ll share some of my favorite brushes with you and why they are personal favorites. Before that though, let’s start with a basic understanding of an average brush.


Brushes come in two different types of materials. Natural and synthetic. Synthetic brushes are typically made from anything nylon or man-made. Natural brushes are just that… natural and varying types of animal hair. Depending on the purpose of the brush you might have a preference. Ask any professional make-up artist and they will have a preference with varying reasons.  The general rule of thumb though is natural for anything powder and synthetic for anything liquid.

Natural allows for free movement and texture which is is perfect to pick up product and for blending. Synthetic is non-porous, so using with liquids or creams will ensure that your product doesn’t get soaked up in the bristles.

Personally, I like to use only synthetic because they are cruelty free and I think they clean just a little easier. Nowadays brush technology has come a long way and the faux-bristles feel as just as good as the real deal without any animals being harmed. For me, that is a win-win. Everyone has their own preference though. No judgement.


Brushes with more bristles have higher density, which allows for more concentrated product dispersement since the product will “sit” atop the brush hairs. Brushes that are more wispy deposit less. The desired density of your brush will largely depend on your usage. For example, blending brushes are usually less dense to pick up the product and move around freely whereas a desired medium coverage powder would be best with a denser brush for greater product or pigment deposit.


Brush construction is another thing to consider. Bristles that are only glued to the base of the brush can eventually fall out whereas brushes that are folded into the handle, glued and then double crimped with metal (brass, copper, or nickel-plate) will ensure that the bristles won’t fall out and onto your face when you apply.


All Over Power Brush

Real Techniques Powder Brush

Super soft brush with amazing versatility. I love to use as my all-over powder brush and my setting brush

Contour/Bronzing Brush

IT Velvet Luxe Soft Sculpting #315

I am such a fan of IT brushes. This one might be one of my favorites. The bristles are super dense and angled so it deposits right where I need it to and when using it under my cheek bones it is almost fool-proof

Foundation Brush

Trish McEvoy Perfect Brush #76

I have used a few different foundation brushes before and this takes the cake. SUPER soft, super dense, and the foundation just sits on top so that the bristles don’t soak up the product

Concealing Brush

Bare Minerals Maximum Coverage Concealment Brush

This brush may be small, but the dense bristles help to get in the small crevices with precision to conceal even the smallest blemish

All-Over Eye Shadow Brush

IT Airbrush All-Over Brush #119

There are a lot of eyeshadow brushes out there, but many of them feel too small to be “all-over.” IT’s brush is nice and wide, full, and soft which makes it perfect for full lid coverage.

NOTE: I also use this as my blending brush wish is very non-traditional, but perfect for getting colors to meld together

Crease Brush

Beauty Counter Crease Brush

I am increasingly impressed with Beauty Counter’s products. I love that this is tapered for precision and has enough texture for product pick-up and deposit

Thin Eyeliner Brush

Laura Mercier Flat Eyeliner Brush

Using this eyeliner brush has been a secret trick of mine for days that I want a smokier eye. This is super fine and thin and uber stiff which is what I like for my eyeliner brushes. I also like to use wet with my favorite shadow liner

Angled Brush

Trish McEvoy Angled Contour Brush 

This angled brush is my saving grace for quick application for my mid-tone colors. The perfect angle makes application and shadow placement so easy. All I have to do after is blend


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