There was a time, pre circa 2014, when I was a uber stylish lady. Those days have come and gone. Out went my Birch Box and in came the Kiwi Crates. Finding my own, (albeit slightly revised) style, beauty, and health routine took a bit, but nowadays I am a proud mix of Tory Burch purses and Target t-shirts spending anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour on my beauty and/or health routine… and I’ve never been happier. I’ll share what I know… and what I what I don’t!

My Favorite Makeup Brushes

I love all things makeup (even if I don’t wear it everyday). Makeup brushes are no exception. The perfect makeup brush can speed up application, make it easier, and help to give a flawless finished look. Here are some basics and a few of my absolute favorite brushes- and their specific uses!

Obsession: Pull-On Jeans

Finding jeans that fit like a glove while enhancing your assets and smoothing out your [ahem] problematic areas is like trying to find the fountain of youth… until these reasonably priced pull-on jeans entered into the market. There are so many reasons to love these jeans. Introducing… my newest fashion obsession and must-have.


Going Bare... Down There

Considering about pulling the trigger and getting the full monty? You’re going to want the down and dirty about what to expect and the different options. It’s a painful topic…. literally, but hopefully you’ll be more prepared after reading this. I’ll share everything you want to know… and all you didn’t!

10 Step Korean Skincare: Making it Easy Peasy

Koreans have long been hailed for having glowing healthy skin and infamous for their strict 10-step skin care process.  I’ll share my thoughts on some steps that you can skip, skimp on, and what steps are absolute skin care musts to keep it fast, while keeping you fabulous


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