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Hi, I’m Jennifer

Welcome! I’m just a small town girl, born and raised in South Detroit. Seriously though. I am also mom to a feisty four year old daughter and fur-mom to a chihuahua, 3-legged papillon-border collie, and cat. I work outside the home (full time) in the wonderful world of advertising and at night/weekends I relish time with my family crafting , game playing, cooking and aspiring for a Pinterest life… although more times that not, I am in the #nailedit category.  Long ago my husband taught me that laughter can indeed be the best medicine and so I try to live a a life full of experiences, grace, and a lot of humor.

Life should be shared, unfiltered, authentic, and easy, which is precisely why I decided start this blog. In this blog, I’ll share my real-life tips, recipes, recommendations, and life stories. I don’t have all the answers, but if one thing you have read makes your life easier, then I’ll chalk it up to success (hey, sometimes it takes a village). There are no short-cuts in this extraordinary journey called life, but maybe, just maybe, there are a few ways to take the chaos and simplify it, or as I like to call it…. make it easy. peasy.

Thank you for joining me on my newest journey! I hope that this blog inspires, aspires, and makes you laugh along the way!

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


All the thoughts, musings, advice, and opinions in this blog and throughout this website are my own (unless otherwise stated). I am not paid to endorse or advertise, although I do collect a portion of sales for affiliate links and recommendations that I authentically recommend. I am also not a nutritionist, esthetician, doctor, chef, cosmetologist, interior designer, etc. I am just a mom sharing her personal thoughts. Please use some common sense and consult a professional if there are any questions.

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