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10 Step Korean Skincare: Making it Easy Peasy

Koreans have long been hailed for having glowing healthy skin and infamous for their strict 10-step skin care process. Honestly though, who has time for that? I’ll share my thoughts on some steps that you can skip, skimp on, and what steps are absolute skin care musts to keep it fast, while keeping you fabulous!

Roasted Eggplant Dip

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Obsession: Pull On Pants

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18 Summers Short-ish

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Speed Cleaning. 30 Minutes to Clean

We've all had last minute unexpected guests announce their surprise arrival within the next hour, much to your chagrin. Don't panic! Pause, breathe deep, and then get to work because you know the best way to get things done efficiently and effectively. No more shoving everything into your junk-drawer (or that one forbidden bedroom). Just a few simple speed cleaning tips to kiss those cobwebs good-bye (or dog hair tumbleweeds in my case)!


Bento Boxing My Way to Healthy: An Easy Peasy Guide to Breakfast & Lunch

It feels like Bento Boxes galore Pinterest, but the thought of all that time for one meal can feel daunting. But with one hour of meal prep a week, you too, can turn create easy, healthy, mouth-watering,  grab-n-go lunches for the entire family.

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